Lingerie App Help People Test the Bust Size By Iphone

August 1, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Lingerie News

It’s time to say good bye for traditional lingerie outlet. Most of women don’t like go to the lingerie store to buy the bra because buying the bra is a highly privacy thing. They don’t like their own information to be talked by the sales girl in the store, especially the body size, weight and so on.

Third Love saw this, and developed a new app to help women measure the bra size by a simple iphone app. Just 10 days, the app shoot the top 10 popular app in the App App Store. Mashabale recommended this app as the one of the 10 best app in the year 2013.


The App is developed by Ms Zek with his husband for years ago. You can download this lingerie app at Apple App Store for free.