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Lingerie For Men
An Australian company recent launched new lingerie for men. The found men more like to wear lingerie than women, but 99% of the lingerie is designed for women. In the market, found a lingerie for men Read More
Top 5 Lingerie You Must Have
The Singapore Lingerie brand, Lingeries offers five must-have designer lingerie for modern women.Top1 Silicon Bra:Silicon bra also knew as invisible bra. There is another advantage to use the silic Read More
Bra For Men
Japanese firm bring out frilly floral lingerie for MENYou may thinks men wear floral bra are creepy, however Japanese are not think like that. In this year 2014, Japanese company shows four types of Read More
Lingerie in India
India is a potential market after the US, Europe and China. Doing business is not easy in India because of the low efficiency infrastructure. However that will not stop the business man take the risk Read More